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About us

Brief Information about the company

We are a registered LLP firm Mangalmurti Himalayan Hospitality LLP Registered office House No-1 Talli Khatyari Near FL2 Godown Lower Mall Road Almora Uttrakhand- 263601. Our company have 2 Directors Mr.Chandan Singh Mehta (Postgraduate MBA Marketing, Ex Nestle, Self Employee Travel & Tourism), Seema Chandan Singh Mehta (Women Entrepreneur, House wife). We are in Café & Restaurant, Homestay & Hotel, Bike on Rent, Travel & Tourism, Event Organiser and Consultancy service to help each other & Society.

Chandan Singh Mehta

(Chairman and founder)
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As we are re-migrated to our hometown from Mumbai Maharashtra to fulfil our childhood dream to do to a certain extent for our motherland and Social Society by investing financially or morally to grow and help each other to ensure our Devbhoomi people are prospers though our expertise and past multipurpose experience of Metro, Urban & Rural in FMCG Food & Beverage & Tourism sector of Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur in Travel & Tourism Sector uttrakhand.

Currently we have our Main office at House No-1 Near FL2 Godown Talli Khatyari Lower Mall Road Almora Uttrakhand-263601, Branch at Village Maat Kasasrdevi Binsar Road Almora Uttrakhand-263601. We have Café & Restaurant, Homestay, Bike on Rent and Travel Tourism office to help our tourist/local peoples to provide the tasty foods, homestay, Bike on rent and travel & Tourism activities etc. also provide local cuisines and promote local culture as well.

Our Moto is Athihi Devo Bhav and our values are describing in our tagline Spirituality and Hospitality goes together.

We are having legal licenses for doing the business like Company Incorporation certification, GST, FSSAI etc.

Our aim is to grow our business with growing the local economy and helps the civil society directly or indirectly with the support of Tourism department, RTO, Bankers, Government/local authorities.

As we are born in our Devbhoomi Uttrakhand we believe it’s our responsibility/accountability to save our Water/Land/Forest and culture of uttrakhand also we pledge to make our state to number 1 in India for coming years.

company achievement Timeline


27th Jan, 2022

LLP Company Incorporation

03 March, 2022

FASSAI License

14th Jan, 2022

Inaugural Ceremony

07 Feb, 2022

GST Registration